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Our Firm provides complete payroll solution from computation of employee salaries and bonuses to generation of all the required forms and reports that need to be submitted to different government agencies.

Our services are designed to make sure that your employees are paid correctly and on time, all the time. We can help our clients to comply with all the payroll-related statutory and mandatory requirements, which includes the following:

  • Processing of bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly payroll
  • Processing of 13th  month pay and other bonuses
  • Calculation of withholding taxes on compensation and remittance thereof to BIR
  • Calculation of statutory contributions and remittance thereof to SSS, PHIC, and HDMF
  • Processing of other payroll related deductions such as loans, advances and remittance thereof to SSS, PHIC, HDMF and other parties
  • Preparation of individual employee payslips or maintenance of electronic payslips
  • Calculation of final pays of resigned employees
  • Year-end annualization